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Implementation of the KvDaZ concept in central accommodation facilities in NRW


Since a joint circular of the Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration and the Ministry for Schools and Education in NRW on 1st of August 2020, the KvDaZ concept has been implemented in central accommodation facilities in NRW. The aim is to give children and young people quick access to German as a second language at an early stage, regardless of their residence status. In this way their participation and educational opportunities can be promoted.

gezeichnete Zielscheibe mit Pfeil in der Mitte

Traget Group

6 to 18 year old fled children and young people


Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration of North Rhine-Westphalia

Ministry for School and Education of North Rhine-Westphalia


since October 2020

Project Management

Prof. Dr. Jens Boenisch

Lena Lingk

Project Target

The aim is to apply the research based KvDaZ concept in the central accommodation facilities in NRW.

In order to achieve this, the concept will be adapted in line with the general conditions of the school-based educational program.

Central developments are:


  1. Cologne Box: In accordance with the didactical three steps of the KvDaZ concept, 12 topics are prepared, each with 5 communication occasions. The selection of topics is based on the everyday life and interests of the children and young people. Based on the occasions for communication, suggestions are made for possible activities with a focus on practical orientation and literacy in heterogeneous groups. In addition to focusing on the oral skills of the children and young people, the activities are particularly geared to promoting the acquisition of written language.
  2. Training: The teachers assigned to the central accommodation facility attend a 5-day advanced training course. In this training, the teachers learn how to implement the communicative approach to systematic language development in the sense of KvDaZ in combination with the KvDaZ card index. They also learn how to implement an everyday literacy practice for all children and young people.

Cologne Box explanatory video

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