University of Cologne

Central Department for Quality Protection and Certification in Alternative and Augmentative Communication

Objective of the CQC

The Central Department for Quality Protection and Certification in Alternative and Augmentative Communication (CQC) emerged out of the MUK-Project. It is aimed at facilitating the continuation of the MUK-Project’s services (e.g., AAC-Therapy) beyond the project’s original end. Additionally, it aims to add these services to the standard care package of public health insurances.

To that end, the work of the MUK and the CQC Teams are highly interconnected. They make sure that all requirements necessary to facilitate the comprehensive and long-term availability of these services are met. For instance, performance specifications in the form of quality standards are called upon, and considerations regarding quality assurance are made.  

It is also aspired to create a network of all institutions wishing to implement AAC-Services in the future.


The CQC was established on 25th March 2020.


*the CQC is the former networking place of alternative and augmentative communication. The change in names took place on 25th March 2020. The objective and tasks of the institution remain the same.


An Informative Film about the MUK-Project and CQC

Our tasks

The CQC...

  • is involved in the development of quality standards.
  • negotiates with service providers (in planning).
  • informs institutions and individuals about standards and possibilities of recognition (in planning).
  • takes care of officially recognizing institutions which provide AAC-Services of specific high-quality standards as such (in planning). 

Long-term goals

The CQC wants to expand the current AAC-Service provision by laying the foundation for a nationwide refinancing of certain services (like AAC-Therapy) by means of the SGB V.

In the long run it is envisaged that different services will be provided by different institutions, e.g., by

  • AAC-Competence Centers (AAC-ComC), which are recognized interregional institutions which meet the requirements of providing comprehensive, quality-assured, and high quality AAC-Services
  • and by recognized AAC Consultation Centers and AAC Therapy Centers, which are regional institutions which can provide and bill individual AAC-Services (like AAC Therapy).

The official recognition (resp. certification) of institutions is planned to be undertaken by the Central Department for Quality Protection and Certification in the future.