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Retrospection of our 10+ years anniversary 2019

We are not done yet!

On Thursday, June 13, we celebrated the ten+ year anniversary of the AAC Research and Consultation Center.

The AAC Research and Consultation Center was solemnly opened at the University of Cologne in 2008. Gail van Tatenhove, Bruce Baker, and Susan Balandin were some of our guests of honor. After more than ten years, it was time to look back on the past years and projects. A lot has happened since the opening ceremony.

Substantial as well as entertaining insights into our topics and projects were provided to the numerous guests, as part of the anniversary event: Carolin Garbe gave insights into the tasks of the Consultation center; Lena Lingk introduced the project ‘core vocabulary meets German as Second Language’; Susan Balandin talked about the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and showed how core vocabulary can be utilized to demand one’s rights.

Emotions and impressions captured on film

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