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AAC Consultation Center

Our services

The main task of the AAC Consultation Center is individual AAC assessment and consultation of the child, adolescent, or adult with complex communication needs and his/her team. That means, family members and the professional team (teacher, SLP) are always invited to join the team consultation. The goal of the AAC consultation is an individual intervention plan with i.e. recommendations for communication aids, everyday support and/or therapy to ensure long-term progress of the individual communication skills and communicative competence in everyday life.


The AAC Consultation Center’s services on a glance:

  • Individual assessment and team consultation
  • Intervention planning support
  • Tips for the use of unaided means of communication like manual signs, gestures, facial expressions, eye movements etc.
  • Development and adaptation of individual low-tech devices
  • Support in the decision-making-process to choose a high-tech communication device
  • Evaluation of the use of communication devices and access methods
  • Support for the funding application
  • Tips on how to support the development of literacy skills