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The communicative approach

The KvDaZ-concept is based on a pragmatic understanding of language. The basic assumption is that children acquire new words within social situations and meaningful communicative contexts. Therefore, the communicative approach forms the didactic framework of the concept.

Pragmatic skills

By focusing on the pragmatic skills the implementation of the communicative approach can be systemised. The aim is to support a flexible use of language.

Core vocabulary

The main component is the core vocabulary. It comprises 200 words, which accounts for 80% of the everyday language (see Boenisch, 2014). This vocabulary is considered a valuable foundation that forms the base for educational language.


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12 Implementation Strategies

The "Double Six-pack" for creating a core vocabulary-based language learning environment.

Twelve strategies, derived from AAC and didactics of German as a second language, support the concept-implementation. They are composed of conductive framework conditions and behaviour patterns that support language acquisition.


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