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#KvDaZ - Enabling all children and teenagers with limited knowledge of the German language to participate quickly in education and society.

The didactical structure


such as communication topic and occasion

Children and teenagers learn new words in social situations and in communicatively meaningful contexts. This is why the communicative approach forms the didactic framework of the concept.

A significant context is, for example, reading books together.


such as pragmatic skills

With the focus on pragmatic skills, the implementation of the communicative approach can be systematized. It is about supporting a flexible use of language.



such as core vocabulary

The focus is on the core vocabulary. It includes 200 words that make up 80% of everyday language (Boenisch 2014). This vocabulary forms a powerful base for the development of educational language.


A video all about the didactic structur of KvDaZ - the KPK


A video all about the Cologne Box - the didactic material to use KvDaZ systematically


12 strategies

The implementation of the KvDaZ concept is supported by twelve strategies. These include supportive framework conditions and language-supportive behaviors.



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